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The IBPA is an all-volunteer group that promotes the health and vitality of Downtown Irwin. The IBPA organizes 14 free annual events in Downtown Irwin for the benefit of the surrounding communities. The IBPA relies solely on event sponsorships, placemat ads, & donations to fund these events; it does not receive any government money. 

For more information about being on an IBPA placemat please contact Amanda Maderas at 724-382-5166 or by email IBPAsecretary@outlook.com . Here are the placemat plans:

12 Prepaid Ads = $760.00 (Save $140.00!)

6 Prepaid Ads = $415.00 (Save $35.00!)

Each Ad/Month = $75.00

Non-Profit Rate = $50.00/If space is available.

The Irwin Business & Professional Association always welcomes new ideas and volunteers. Anyone interested in keeping Irwin active, vital and fun is welcome. If you are interested in helping with any of the events, the IBPA holds its meetings every Thursday morning at 8:00 AM at the Chamber of Commerce 321 Main Street, Downtown Irwin OR The Colonial Grille 333 Main Street, Downtown Irwin.

Email us for additional information: DowntownIrwin@gmail.com