What is The Irwin Project? 

The Irwin Project is a collective name for a variety of community developmental projects involving infrastructure, revitalization, and recreation in the Borough of Irwin. The list has been divided into three main categories: 

1) Main Street improvements: traffic patterns, parking, utilities, signs, renovations, community center, and recreation (parks and trails).

2) Pennsylvania Avenue improvements: curbs, sidewalks, and recreation (biking and walking access).

3) Infrastructure: storm water and sewer (mandated) and waterways clean-up (recommended). 

Each category gives consideration to several areas of interest, including quality of life, community revitalization, recreational improvements, benefit to businesses, and regional impact.

What is Irwin Main Street? 

Irwin Main Street is a state-funded community revitalization program overseen by the Pennsylvania Downtwon Center in Harrisburg. The program is funded for four years with local matching money required. The Irwin Main Street grant runs through the Borough of Irwin, but the work is directed by a volunteer board known as The Irwin Project. The manager of The Irwin Project is Donn Henderson. 

The primary goal of the Irwin Main Street program is to develop and work the four-point approach established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Developing a comprehensive strategy tailored to local needs is key to the success. The program should develop a shared vision about the community’s future, driven by volunteer members of the community. 

The Four Point Approach mentioned above divides the work of Main Street into four distinct areas: 
• Organization – Irwin Project Board
• Economic Restructuring – New Committee
• Promotions – Irwin Business and Professionals Association
• Design – New Committee

The current priorities of the Irwin Main Street program is to work on the Lamp Theater, Streetscape improvements, market analysis, façade grants, trails, business retention and recruitment, housing issues, highway signs and way-finders, website development, Elm Street, and more. 

For more information on Main Street, contact Christina Bortak.  The office is located in the Borough offices. 

The phone number is 724-864-3100 x8 or email at irwinmainstreet@gmail.com